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  1. Some of the recent cheapish cameras take pretty good shots as they compete with smartphones.
  2. Best to use Kip. They taxi guys give a terrible exchange if you use baht
  3. It was open last year and you are right it's a fantastic place to hang out.
  4. Also the Pattaya Beer Garden has a good menu and view.
  5. For guide books I always use Lonely Planet. www.wikitravel.org is a great site also.
  6. Thanks Max. That looks like an interesting option for a future trip.
  7. For someone on a tight budget you can easily do Laos for 30 a day, including accommodation and eating local food.
  8. It is but like China it is beginning to open up to private enterprise now.
  9. Yea it has a great location. And plenty of good eating options nearby. Get a front facing balcony if possible.
  10. The Asian Palace Hotel near the main beach has a great pool. Not sure if it is open to guests that early mind.
  11. Bor Pennyang has a good mix of modern pop sounds.
  12. Thanks for the heads up guys i might try to check this out next trip.
  13. One of the main ones to watch out for in Thailand is the jet ski scam if you are visiting a resort.
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