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  1. Circuit is just a short walk from the world famous Heart of Darkness!
  2. Wow! Great website! I see you pick a hotel and it searches for the best price from many providers. Very cool!
  3. That pier is a lots of fun. Good music. But don't go to the rest room at nearby JJ's. I was about to walk in and some dude with curly hair ran outand said u don't want to go in there. He was right!
  4. The food at PT Guesthouse is awesome. Just like mama used to cook!
  5. Will post some pics of my whitewater rafting in Montana. Any WWR on the Mekong?
  6. Everyone loves a bargain. Hope to see some hotel discounts here!
  7. I have some more I will post next week.
  8. Lonely Planey? Moon? Fodors? Frommers?
  9. Anyone going to the rocket festival and want to meet up?
  10. That joint has tasty chicken for sure. Not easy to find though.
  11. Mekong River has all you can eat brekkie with unlimited coffee for $2.75. At night there jugs of beer is as cheap as drinking cans at the minimart.
  12. Anyone know a place to stay in Sihanoukville where we can have a swim at 5 AM?
  13. Montana


    Being from Montana I also like country.
  14. I want to retire to Laos, but it will be many years
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