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  1. When are these discounts coming?
  2. In 6 months let's hope this forum has the best reviews!
  3. Sound kool! Too many buckets for the fragon, haha Has anyone been there?
  4. Bought a great little camera in Tuk Com for 3000 baht. I if lose it so what!
  5. Is Double Six still open in Legian , Bali? Had some great nights there!
  6. Kurtz

    Baht or Kip

    From Nong Kai to Vientiene, is it better to pay for your visa in baht or kip?
  7. Anyone know a great hotel in Kuta, Bali?
  8. There is a chain fo Sawsadee hotels aorund Thailand offering clean accommodation at a reasonable price in these bad financial times.
  9. I have to agree with you it is a fine place for quality italian food. Great choice.
  10. Backpacker budget for me.
  11. Is Laos still Communist?
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