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  1. but on victory hill!
  2. Always good to save a few riel, baht or kip!
  3. Laughing Fatman on Street 172 has good burgers and cheap beer.
  4. On Strreet 154, 15 to 20 bucks depending on negotiating skill and inclusion of brekkie.
  5. PDogg

    Angkor Wat

    Bayon Temple is best saved for the hottest part of your stay as it'smostly indoors so cooler than elsewhere.
  6. Thanks for inviting me to this forum! In Manila, I stayed at Tune. Loved it! http://www.agoda.com/asia/philippines/manila/tune_hotel_ermita_manila.html?asq=G9gWOIxkk%2bZMt0l7wnElOOaDHd%2fQ0JMeYtzOGHKUXvjrZkMgFxWfzYmED%2bTaqeEk57uf7aaxLsL8Jfjdat8N5thqIWH%2bQyA%2fNRYcisG9sAKqUYHpcVOw3UR9nSdJfL8X Ciao for now!
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