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Pattaya Accommodation

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This is our handy to use, regularly updated list of popular guest friendly accommodation in Pattaya and Jomtien. They are all pretty central with most of our favourite bars within walking distance or a short Baht bus ride away. We will add more accommodation options as we hear of them, so best to check back here regularly.

All the accommodation options link to Agoda, and some to Booking.com also, so you can compare the prices of both these popular hotels sites for the best deal. If it does not state the site's name then it is Agoda.

Agoda has discontinued its rewards program for new participants as of April 1,2014. Unused Agoda points expire on December 31st on the year following the year that they were earned. There are other restrictions as well.

Booking.com shows the actual price you pay. The initial Agoda price needs to be to be multiplied by 1.177 (17.7% more) to arrive at the final price. For almost every hotel the final price is identical.

With Booking.com your credit card is not billed. You pay at the hotel. 

Booking.com has a much more liberal cancellation policy than Agoda. For many hotels you can cancel within 3 days of arrival and pay no penalty. If you are a no-show you get charged for just 1 night. 

If a hotel is listed on both sites with an identical price, we generally recommend that budget travelers use Booking .com mainly due to the cancellation policy. If you are a frequent traveler who regularly stays at high end hotels you are probably better off using Agoda because you will actually have an opportunity to redeem your points in the Agoda Rewards program.

Priceline is now the parent company of both Agoda and Booking. 

We have divided the area into 4 sections. North Pattaya, Central Pattaya, South Pattaya and Jomtien.

1 North Pattaya.
This is a good location for anyone who wants to see one of the big cabaret shows in Pattaya, Tiffany and Alcazar and also be near Soi 6. The bus goes north along Second Road through this area towards the Dolphin Roundabout and back south towards Walking Street along Beach Road. Not a great choice of budget accommodation in this area.





2 Central Pattaya
Where most of the bars, cheap restaurants, shopping malls etc are located. The area includes Pattaya Klang, Soi Buakhao, Soi Diana places many will have heard of along with Central Festival Mall and Mike Mall. Soi Lengkee is a great location as it borders Central and South Pattaya and has some quality budget accommodation. Sois 7 & 8 are also in this area running from Second Road to Beach Road and have plenty of fun bars.




3 South Pattaya
The area nearest to the famous Walking St. It includes Pattaya Tai (South Pattaya Road), Action St., Tukcom and Sunee Plaza. Soi 13/1 is in this area the home of La Bamba, The House and Stringfellows.





4 Jomtien
The slower paced area over the hill south of Pattaya. Better beaches than Pattaya, and more relaxing bars and pace of nightlife. The Rompho Bar Complex is one of the most popular places to have and drink enjoy a night out.






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i Rovers Hotel
33/126 Soi LK Metro, Central Pattaya,

1 Star

Great location in the corner of Soi LK Metro which is off Soi Diana and Soi Buakhao. Near many popular bars.
Home of the famous Baht Buster breakfast 99 Baht for an all day full English plus 24 hour coverage of all major sporting events.

Book I-Rovers Sports Bar & Hotel on Agoda 

Book i Rovers on Booking.com



Book I-Rovers Sports Bar & Hotel on Agoda 

Book i Rovers on Booking.com

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Mosaik Luxury Apartment

20/57 Moo 10 Near Tuk Com IT Center (Day Night Hotel Property) South Pattaya

3 Star

Near Tuk Com , Sunee Plaza and Famous bar and less than 10 minutes stroll to Walking St.  It is set in a tranquil part of Pattaya with some great restaurants nearby along with tasty Thai street stall food.

Click here to book Mosaik Luxury Apartment on Agoda 



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Areca Lodge Hotel,

Soi Diana

3 Star

A popular spot and it was the location of the famous Volley Ball Competition last November.  It is in a great location facing Soi Diana at the front and the Lodge at the back leads to the Avenue Mall 2 minutes walk away.

Click here to book Areca Lodge on Agoda 

Click here to book Areca Lodge on Booking.com



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