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Serious Ladyboy Relationships

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Are you serious about wanting a relationship with a ladyboy?


There are three types of guys who say they want a relationship.

Some guys are searching for a real relationship. Other guys are looking to to have sex with as many ladyboys as possible. Some others will never actually meet ladyboys and are simply trying to get online chat going in the hopes it will lead to cam sex.

I'm not being judgemental here.  But so as not to waste your time and a ladyboy's time it just makes sense to search in the right place for you.

If you are really serious about finding a real relationship then I recommend My Ladyboy Date

The people running it screen profiles carefully to insure that real people not fakes and liars are on their dating site.

It's free to sign up but if you aren't serious about a relationship then I would NOT encourage you register at My Ladyboy Date

If you're the type of guy who wants to go to bed with as many ladyboys as possible I would suggest a site that is more oriented towards short term hookups such as Thai Friendly  if you are travelling to Thailand or Pina Love  if you are travelling to the Philippines.

Many guys have no intention of pursuing any face to face meeting with ladyboys and simply want to trick a ladyboy into sending explicit pics and having cam sex.  Why be a fake?  If that's what your into then i suggest that you go to a site such as Chaturbate

I've been in a relationship with a lovely ladyboy for more than 10 years now. It is the road less travelled but the rewards are great. So if you think you are ready for a real relationship then try My Ladyboy Date 


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