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Sun and Moon Urban Hotel

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If it is within your budget we strongly recommend the Sun and Moon Urban Hotel.  It is less than a minute from 2 gay bars and a one or two minute walk from bars with many ladies and ladyboys. But despite the proximity to bars, it is not noisy.  Outstanding pool, steam, sauna jacuzzi. They even give you a free pot of green tea at the jacuzzi.

Sun and Moon Hotel




If the price is the same for double and single occupancy then book Double Occupancy as then there will be no joiner fee and good for 2 breakfasts. However, if the price is different, and sometimes it is, you may want to book Single Occupancy and pay the $10 joiner fee if you bring a lovely guest home on a particular night.  If you pay the joiner fee your guest does not get the free brekkie though.   So if you are a guy who doesn't bring a guest home every night and doesn't like to have breakfast with your guest then if there is a price difference you might want to opt for single occupancy.

This hotel is Value For Money for the high end traveller. We recommend the Deluxe King Room. In low season this hotel will usually price around 70 USD or 2000 Thai baht.

Sun and Moon Hotel




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