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Vientiene, Laos

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(courtesy of zaronxas)


Thought I would throw a up some info on Vientiane - this is not so much a trip report as I was there with my gf but more useful info for would be travelers. I'll try to throw up some pics at when I have time.

First off, there are a lot of guysin Vientiane -- caveat emptor, my take on the number of guys may be higher than for most as all my gfs friends are ladyboys. Most I met are not the hardened types you see Pattaya or Bangkok.

Moreover, Vientiane is a pretty sedate city that's more town than city. I liked it because it was a nice respite from the go go pace of Bangkok and to a lesser extent Pattaya. You want to stay in the city center which is the area around Wat Mixay. A lot of budget to mid range accomodations. Should not be too hard to find a decent deal.

Like much of Thailand, you can find guys everywhere but for more sordid activity you can hit the following night spots:

Bor Pen Nyang, a nice roof-top bar right on the river at the city center. This is the early night spot, decent food also. Talent starts to pick up around 10 PM.

Sam Lo Pub is the after hours bar most of the girls migrate to at midnight or so. This place is in walking distance to Bar Pen Nyang, so no need for a moto. It's on the second major street after the street on the Mekong.  All you have to do is follow the guys streaming from the Bor Pen Nyang. Or better yet, just ask one, most will be more than happy to escort you there. I like the Sam Lo pub because it is dark and cosy, and get pretty packed. This can lead to a good time on a good night. Also, the guy per capita skyrockets at this place.

An alternate late night spot is night club at the top of the Don Chan Palace (hotel). This is a biggish club with a DJ, a lot of the girls like to go here to dance and have fun. Though, I'll say if you don't like loud blaring club music and are not ready to be a little more forward, this place might not be for you. Though a good place to go with a date as most of the girls I met there like it.

Prices are generally more negotiable here than in Thailand. Everything is cheaper, so this is a pretty good place for a budget trip / visa run Also, a lot of good western food here because of the French colonial history.


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